Pachli Current

Pachli aims to put out a new major or minor release approximately once a month. But there’s a lot of code that can change in that time, and only so many problems that automated testing can catch.

The wide range of devices running Android, differences in supported hardware, and customisations made by different device vendors make this even more difficult. Code that runs with no problems on a developer’s device may fail or perform in unexpected ways on other devices.

Enter Pachli Current.

Pachli Current is a version of Pachli you can install from Google Play1 that contains the latest features and bug fixes, ahead of a formal release. New versions are typically released every two to three days.

It is an entirely separate application. So you can install Pachli Current alongside Pachli and use them at the same time. They do not share any data, so if you discover a problem with Pachli Current you can jump back to Pachli with no problems.

Screenshot showing Pachli and Pachli Current installed together

Anyone can install Pachli Current, but it is best suited for people who are prepared to work with pre-release software, and are comfortable reporting any issues they find.

  1. Pachli Current is not available from F-Droid as the F-Droid repository does not support these sorts of releases (#1153).