Pachli Release

Pachli can be installed from Google Play and F-Droid.

Get Pachli on Google Play Get Pachli on F-Droid

You can also download the latest release from GitHub.

There is typically a 12-24 hour delay before a new release is available on Google Play.

There is typically a 3-5 day delay before a new release is available on F-Droid.

Pachli Current

Pachli Current is the pre-release version of Pachli, with new features and bug fixes that benefit from wider testing before a formal release.

Pachli Current can be installed at the same time as Pachli, and the two versions do not share any data.

Screenshot showing Pachli and Pachli Current installed together

Installing Pachli Current and reporting any bugs you find is a very useful way to contribute to the project.

Install Pachli Current from Google Play.

Pachli Current is not available from F-Droid as the F-Droid repository does not support these sorts of releases (#1153).

Source code

The source code is available on GitHub, at

Previous releases

Previous releases can be downloaded from the GitHub Release page.

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