Pachli 2.5.2 released

Pachli 2.5.2 is now available. I’ve been away for most of May, so the primary focus of this release is bug fixes rather than new features.

Read on for more details about these.

New features and other improvements

Enable translation support on Hometown and Glitch servers

Pachli has supported translation since version 2.0.0, but only on servers running the official Mastodon code.

As they are close forks of Mastodon translation support has been enabled for servers running the Hometown and Glitch code.

This was suggested by Miles Krell (

Updates to translations

Languages with updated translations are:

If you would like to help improve Pachli’s translation in to your language there’s information on how you can contribute.

Significant bug fixes

Re-enable Talkback actions

The fix to show Talkback actions on Notifications and Direct Messages timelines in Pachli 2.5.1 inadvertently prevented them appearing on other timelines. This is now fixed.

Prompt F-Droid users to upgrade only when the new version is built

Andre ( sent #684 where Pachli installed from F-Droid was prompting to upgrade although the new version had not yet been built by the F-Droid service, meaning the upgrade could not happen.

This was due an under-documented nuance of the F-Droid API, fixed with #717.

Prevent crash when viewing “Hidden domains”

Miles Krell reported that trying to view “Account preferences > Hidden domains” would crash if the device was off line. They then fixed this in #703.

Prompt to save or discard changes after editing bio

Miles Krell also noted editing their account’s biography information and pressing “Back” did not prompt them to save or discard their changes. This is fixed with #678.

Daniele Conti filed #700 where using the “Share link to post” feature could – on some devices – cause a crash. This was fixed in #716.

Show poll changes when viewing a post’s edit history

Viewing the edit history of a post with a poll didn’t show any of the changes to the poll. After #672 it does.

There are some limitations; for example, the edit history does not tell you if earlier versions of the poll were single or multiple choice, or the vote counts at the time the poll was changed.

Improve error message details

Darryl Wright ( reported problems uploading photos in #704.

The underlying issue there is not yet fixed, but the report highlighted some cases where Pachli error messages were missing information useful for troubleshooting the problem. This was fixed in #719.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who took the time to report issues and provide additional followup information and screenshots.

Download Pachli 2.5.2 from Google Play, F-Droid, or the GitHub release page.

Pachli is a Nivenly Foundation project