Pachli 2.2.0 released

Pachli 2.2.0 is now available. This contains a critical bug fix when interacting with posts, and has initial support for handling features found on non-Mastodon servers like Pleroma, Friendica, GoToSocial, and others.

Read on for more details about these, and other changes in this release.

New features and other improvements

Detect different servers, adjust visible functionality

Pachli will now try and detect the type of server you are using, and adjusts functionality based on that type.

For the moment this is a very limited change; specifically, if your account is on a server running GoToSocial then filtering functionality is disabled, because GoToSocial does not currently support Mastodon filters.

In Pachli you will see the the “Account > Filters” option is disabled, and the option to mute hashtags is missing, as muting a hashtag involves creating a filter for that hashtag.

Users of other server types should not see any behaviour changes.

Per the Pachli roadmap full support for features offered by non-Mastodon servers, like post reactions, different post visibility options, or quoting is planned for the 5.x release later this year. Releasing this limited change now provides an opportunity to shake out any bugs with server detection and improve the code.

Updates to translations

Languages with updated translations are:

If you would like to help improve Pachli’s translation in to your language there’s information on how you can contribute.

Significant bug fixes

Ensure actions happen against the correct status

Pachli inherited a Tusky bug. If you tried to interact with a post (boost, favourite, reply, etc) at the same time as other posts were loading it was possible for the interaction to be applied to the wrong post. You could boost something you did not intend to, or reply to the wrong post, etc.

This was first reported for Tusky by weilawei. After discussing with them they confirmed they could reproduce this bug in Pachli.

This seems to be rare; no one else had reported a similar issue with Tusky or Pachli. But it’s also a difficult bug to notice, as the UI would show the boost happening to the expected post, and unless you checked your profile to see what you’d boosted (or someone sent you a “Hey, why did you boost that?” message) you might not have seen the interaction was with the wrong post. There is more discussion about this in this thread.

This is now fixed.

The charts for trending tags were showing incorrect labels next to the lines; the value for the total number of accounts using the tag was duplicated from the total number of times the tag has been used.

This is fixed. While fixing that the mechanism for positioning the labels was changed, they now appear next to the relevant line, and in Pachli blue and orange.

Before; notice the incorrect label in magenta at the bottom right

Trending chart before 2.2.0

After; with correct labels, position, and colours.

Trending chart in 2.2.0

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who took the time to report issues and provide additional followup information and screenshots.

Download Pachli 2.2.0 from Google Play, F-Droid, or the GitHub release page.

Pachli is a Nivenly Foundation project