hello, #pachli

Pachli is an application (now) and an association (aspirational).

Pachli-the-application is a best-in-class open source Android application for Mastodon and Mastodon-like servers. If you’re familiar with Tusky then you’ll love Pachli.

Get Pachli on Google Play or F-Droid, carry on reading to learn more about the application, or head to the About page to see what we’re all about.

The application is a rapidly iterating fork of the popular Tusky Mastodon client, branched from version 23.0 of that application.

Pachli 1.0 includes many changes from Tusky 23.0, including:

New features

  • “Load more” no more. As you scroll through your feed new posts transparently load in the background
  • View trending posts and links from your server
  • Use more than five tabs
  • Choose from a range of accessible fonts
  • A new media player component, supporting more video formats
  • Mark lists as “exclusive”. Posts from accounts on exclusive lists only appear in the list, not your home timeline
  • Add bookmarked posts to their own tab

Bug fixes

  • Images don’t “stick” when you zoom or swipe between them
  • Search text is not deleted when you move between search tabs
  • Show server error messages, making it easier to understand why an operation failed
  • Filters now work in notifications

UX changes

  • A visual refresh and new colour scheme
  • Determine the default theme (light or dark) from your Android settings, not hardcoded to “dark”
  • Move “Clear notifications” to a menu to make it more difficult to trigger accidentally
  • Extend the list of available languages

Here are two screenshots of the same content demonstrating the visual refresh and multiple tabs (the icon of the sixth tab is peeking in from the right). The first screenshot uses the default font, the second screenshot uses Lexend, one of the new font options.

Pachli 1.0 screenshot  Pachli 1.0 screenshot with Lexend font